6 Reasons to Study Business Administration

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6 Reasons to Study Business Administration

6 Reasons to Study Business Administration

Choose a career that adapts to your life project and the competitive world of work, it is becoming more complicated; either because of the great variety of careers at our disposal and the little knowledge about the professional profile of each of them. That is why you should take that decision very calmly and inform yourself properly.

One of the careers widely known for its various branches of specialization is Business Administration, as it is linked to many exciting disciplines such as economic and financial sciences, marketing and accounting. If you are interested in planning, organizing, directing, controlling and optimizing the human and financial resources of a company, do not miss reading this article as we give you 5 reasons to study Business Administration.

1. Contributes to economic sustainability

Social welfare depends largely on economic development; This is where companies and organizations have great importance and responsibility as part of the growth and development engine of our country. Therefore, the professional of Business Administration is highly appreciated, since he is responsible for the efficient management of human, financial and material resources within a company.

2. Growing demand

The career of Business Administration has always had a high demand. According to the website working, in 2016, 100 thousand job offers were registered for this profession. In addition, the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion indicates that professionals in administration together with economists concentrate 93.7% of the labor demand of the capital of our country.

3. High economic income

Another encouraging figure disclosed the average monthly salary of a graduate in Business Administration that is 2219.00. An important fact is that the professionals of this career, graduates of institutes, can win up to 4000.00.

4. Own entrepreneurship

The knowledge acquired throughout the administration course, added to the leadership ability, makes the graduate capable of performing in the different organizational areas of a company and is qualified to create his own project of entrepreneurship that has a self-management effective and of great profitability. Undoubtedly, it is one of the greatest challenges of the profession and that will become a great personal satisfaction and, above all, of great value to society for the direct contribution to the economy.

5. Constant reinvention

The career of administration is one of those that works hand in hand with innovation. Currently it has been reinvented, given that great importance is given to the strategic vision of the race to achieve new forms of business, innovate products and processes, lead the work of multidisciplinary teams, manage organizations with a customer-oriented approach, adopt technologies that add value to the organization. If you are looking to study a career that enhances your creativity, do not hesitate to choose Business Administration.

6. Varied academic offer

Being a career with high demand and one of the best paid, the academic offer is very wide in our region, from institutions offering various types of study either face-to-face or distance learning. However, we must be very careful in choosing the educational institution, because it has to meet your expectations and needs and generate the results you expect.

The Continental Institute offers you the possibility of concluding this career in three years and guarantees you a solid formation preparing you in the competences of the profession. It also provides business simulators for the creation of your projects and the possibility of participating in national business fairs, promoting the interaction of students with entrepreneurs from different sectors.


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